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user notes on rc4

I have been playing with rc4 for a couple of days now. I made a few notes. I have no idea what are bugs, and what are my incompetence and just needs better instructions. I added etch-test and updated everything.

I am excited by the much better software than on sarge.


Using Skolelinux 3 rc4


-Adept - View list (includes Manage Repositories) greyed-out. Logged in as root.

- Debian Edu (the keys icon) fails certificate


--Adding a user - how do I change the default for usernames? The old system (firstname + last initial) is better for young kids than the new 3 letters+3letters. Its also easier for people to look at each other's public folders.

-- Right now I can't add users any more. I get ERROR: unable update nextID. This is making me panic!

--Adding a machine
you have to know that the machine name should be static01 etc. otherwise if you try to enter your own name, eg. pc01, you get a warning and it doesn't work.

After logging in I check Status: "ssh keys are not working". I don't know how to fix this. Backups are not being done.

Thin Client

-no scroll wheel on the mouse

-fonts are attrocious in Iceweasel

-usb drive works if plugged in while logged in, but you have to browse to media to find it (no desktop icon) and there is no unmount/eject option. If you plug the drive in before loggin in, it doesn't work.

-No sound on thin client.

-No java in konqueror or iceweasel

-What happened to Pub and Priv folders?

Diskless Workstation
still haven't succeeded in doing it yet. Working on it.

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