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Re: Forgotten kde packages (Was: Possibility to add gwenview, krita, kdict, and enable Java in browsers?)

Hi all,

El Miércoles, 11 de Julio de 2007 22:14, Knut Yrvin escribió:
> Onsdag 11 juli 2007 23:46, skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> knode - a newsreader: should be installed
I think that, since most newspapers and news channels have rss, this app is 
not critical
> kfloppy - gui-program for formating floppys - some people still uses
> floppies: should be installed
> kcron - nice task manager program for running sw in background, nifty
> program: not needed
> kppp - some people still uses modems: should be installed
> kuser - usefull program for handling users with a gui: should be
> installed (on standalone)
> knotes - post-it program: should be installed
> kscd - if amarok is installed this is not needed
> kdewallpapers: should be installed
> kedit - kate does the same job.
> kdeutils - this installes
>       ark, kcalc, kcharselect, kdelirc , kdessh, kdf , kedit,
>       kfloppy , kgpg , khexedit, kjots, klaptopdaemon,
>       kpowersave, kmilo, kregexpeditor, ksim, ktimer,
>       kwalletmanager,  superkaramba
supercaramba takes some RAM so I wouldn't installed by default.
> A lot of this programs are really helpfull. ark gives a graphical
> frontend on compressed software, kcalc is just nice to have, kmilo
> gives controll over special keys on the laptop as volume keys etc. I
> think you just should add kdeutils.
> kamera - kamera io_slave for Konqueror: should be installed
> digikam - making web publishing of picture easy: should be installed
> kipi-plugins - gives support for a lot of plugins for image programs:
> should be installed
> kpilot - for palm pilot synchronization: I'm not shure, does pupils use
> Palm?
> kdenetwork-kfile-plugins - torrent metainfo plugin for KDE: not shure
> kdeaccessibility - support for disabled people: must be installed
> kiosktool - support for lockdown of client desktop: must be installed
Kiosktool only is able to configure a minor number of features. Most of them 
has to be done manually. Anyway it's helpful
> > Should all of them be recommended packages?  If not, which one should
> > be reduced to suggests?
> This was my suggestions
> Knut Yrvin
I hope it's useful.

Agustín Benito Bethencourt
Director de Ejercicios Resueltos SLU (Grupo CPD)

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