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Re: Education metapackages reorganization

[José \"L. Redrejo\" Rodríguez]
> Apart from gnome-games that might be replaced by
> kdegames|gnome-games in a kde profile, there are no replacement for
> the rest.


> Actually, I haven't taken care of the desktop the application is
> made for. I only have look at the features and teacher's demand on
> them. Some applications are similar but with different end users. As
> an example: qucs vs oregano. Oregano is gtk based and it's easier to
> use, so it's more useful for general students learning electronic as
> part of physics or chemistry. Qucs is qt based, but is much more
> powerful, a little hard to use, but it can do many things oregano
> can not, and it's righter for vocational teaching or subjects
> focused only in electricity or electronic. Same could be applied to
> kig vs drgeo, etc. Those has been my criteria.

OK.  I've implemented the change, it is on the latest DVD.

> It will depend on the previous libraries installation. If qt and gtk
> libraries were already installed I think it will be about 400 mb
> more.

Actually, it is more like 700 MiB.  I tested to install all the tasks,
and it used that amount in /usr/.

> It's perfect for me, I'm only afraid of delaying the release for the
> changes.

We will see.  As far as I could see, none of the packages require
preseeding, and I do not expect any surprises with the partition
tables (perhaps /var/ must be extended a bit, but I doubt it).

We will see.  Please test it.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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