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Re: next meeting, maybe the last before the release?

[Holger Levsen]
> Daniel replied with "no", but thursday (same time) would be fine and
> Petter was unsure about this. Petter any news on that?

Thursday as long as we are done before 20:00 +0200 is fine with me.

Friday and Saturday still seem to be ok with me.  There might be some
trip to visit family that take priority, but nothing is yet planned.

> We need to have this meeting now+soon, as we need to discuss the
> last steps (besides fixing all p1+p2 bugs) before we can release.

Yes.  At the moment that is 5 bugs, two (#1165, #1209) related to thin
client access currently being worked on by Daniel, and one (#1210)
related to converting the LTSP chroot from thin clients to thin
clients and diskless workstations being worked on by Klaus Ade and me.
I am unsure if anyone is working on the remaining two (#1179, #1180).

> So if only one or two (or no) people reply to this mail, I will
> reply tonight again, declaring this meeting to be hold either on
> friday or saturday. As I will do, if people reply :)

What about tomorrow, thursday?

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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