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Bug#431699: debian-edu-artwork: modifies conffile of other package

Package: debian-edu-artwork
Severity: serious
Justification: Policy 3.9

# This is not policy compilant, as $kdmrc is a conffile in
# the kdm package, and we are editing it in a package
# maintainer script.  Need to come up with a better way to
# do it.

This is a quote from the update-artwork script, which is called by the
maintainer scripts. We somehow forgot to fill this RC bug earlier.
Right now, we fixed the problem with the new kdm default directory.

I personally see two options for debian etch. First, removing
debian-edu-artwork from Debian etch. We will keep it in our release
and I do not expect any security problems from such a package, so
I would be fine with that. Second idea would be to fix the
debian-edu-artwork package in stable. But it should be noted
that there won't be an upgrade path without editing the conffile
again. Of course, we can provide a README.Debian file, which
explains the issue.
If that is desired, then I can prepare a stable upload next week.


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