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Re: unencrypted LDM sessions


On Tuesday 03 July 2007 19:10, vagrant@freegeek.org wrote:
> the attached patch adds support for LDM to not encrypt the entire X
> session- so performance is comparable to XDMCP.  the advantages over
> just using XDMCP are:
> * the login still happens over ssh, so passwords are not sent in the
> clear

But if I use ssh in that session, the password goes over the wire in clear 

Also I am not soo comfortable with such changes at this point of time. We have 
never formally frozen etch-test, to only allow bugfixes in, but I'm thinking 
maybe we should do so. (And please go ahead with this change now, but maybe 
this could be the last? - Which reminds me that for the last three weeks or 
so we failed to hold a meeting - any takers for proposing a new date?)

I'm all for lesser restrictions (again & compared to now and to Debian) when 
preparing debian-edu etch r1 though.


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