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next meeting, maybe the last before the release?


[not commenting on the other parts of Petters mail here+now.]

On Tuesday 03 July 2007 22:34, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> > - Which reminds me that for the last three weeks or so we failed to
> > hold a meeting - any takers for proposing a new date?)
> I'm very interested in an IRC meeting, as I am back online again. :)

Yesterday evening I asked on IRC how a meeting this friday at 20 CEST (18 UTC) 
would fit. 

Petter replied with "yes, fine".

Daniel replied with "no", but thursday (same time) would be fine and Petter 
was unsure about this. Petter any news on that?

Saturday is another option, which I slightly favor over thursday, simply 
because I dont like to announce meetings a day in advance. OTOH, saturday is 
not fine for Steffen, who proposes Friday at 18oo or 19oo CEST (16/17 UTC). 
Petter, does this work for you?

Everybody else please reply to this (or tell me on irc), if the dates on 
thursday, friday, saturday fit for you. 

We need to have this meeting now+soon, as we need to discuss the last steps 
(besides fixing all p1+p2 bugs) before we can release. So if only one or two 
(or no) people reply to this mail, I will reply tonight again, declaring this 
meeting to be hold either on friday or saturday. As I will do, if people 
reply :)


Steffen Joeris wrote this saturday, 4 days ago:

Hi mates

I am writing you guys, because it would be nice to have as many of you as 
possible available to prepare the final release.
I will do some testing tomorrow and sync stuff from etch-test to etch. Then I 
will try to see that the etch daily build is stable enough and afterwards 
maybe prepare an iso, which can be backed up. It is about time to freeze what 
we have, altough there are always some bugs left. I plan to fulfill the 
promise to releae after 1.5 weeks after rc3. Is there a day during the next 
week, where this can happen? Maybe tomorrow already, if we have the whole 

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