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Re: Please test multi-arch DVD

On Wed, Jun 13, 2007 at 10:10:51AM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I can now confirm that it installs on i386.  I am curious about the
> results for amd64 and powerpc.

It does work for amd64 too.

Isolinux chose the amd64-installer automatically and loaded the
graphical installer as expected.

> If we want to include more than i386 in the final release, I believe
> we for logistic reasons should do it using a multiarch DVD, to avoid
> having to track and distribute several DVD images.  This mean that if
> this multiarch DVD work for amd64 and powerpc, it might end up being
> the official Debian Edu/Etch DVD.

The DVD does in fact work better than the last amd64-cd I've tested.

> One solution seem to be that one can specify 'install' on the boot
> prompt to get the i386 installer, and 'amd64-install' to get the amd64
> installer.  I am not sure if this is enough to solve the problem, and
> I do not have an amd64 machine available to test it.  JFYI.

On an amd64 system you could enter "install" or "installgui" to force it
use the i386 installer, if you want to do an amd64 text install you have
to enter "amd64-install".

Choosing "install" will not only create an i386 chroot but also an whole
i386 installation which may not be what people want. Maybe the installer
should better create an i386 ltsp on amd64, which also boots on amd64
systems (This would also solve the bug that i've just entered #1195).



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