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Re: DVD Cover

Hi James,

On Saturday 05 May 2007 17:36, James Herrington wrote:
> I now have skoleLinux 2.0 installed on a virtual PC 

Cheers! :)

> and have tried running 
> the following under root user - 'apt-get build-dep debian-edu-artwork'
> however it says
> E: You must put some 'source' URI's in your sources.list

Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and duplicate each line, but replace the deb with 
deb-src, so that after that you have (for example):

deb http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux etch local
deb-src http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux etch local

Then run "apt-get update" and then "apt-get build-dep debian-edu-artwork" will 

> Do you know why this isnt working? does this command simply download the
> login artwork from the svn?

No, the above command installs the dependencies you need to build the 
debian-edu-artwork package, which sources you checked out from svn with "svn 
co $URL". An alternate way to install the sources is "apt-get source 
debian-edu-artwork" - but these sources might be older than the ones from 

> Also how do i get write permissions on the svn

You ask for them here :)

> and if when experimenting i 
> upload a login screen which when i test it doesnt work, will this affect
> the project in anyway? basically can i upload login screens that im not
> sure if they will work in order to test them.

Well, to be honest, I wouldn't have adviced you to deal with svn at all. 
Surely, if you plan to contribute for longer, thats the best way to do.
But if you "just" want to provide some art and then go on elsewhere (whatever 
you decide to do, I'm very happy about your contributions so far!) - the 
simplest would be to install the package, which you now can do with "apt-get 
install debian-edu-artwork" and then see whats inside, with "dpkg -L 
debian-edu-artwork", which will give you a list of files inside the package. 
Then you go and make art (woohoo! :) and send it to the list.

Go whatever road you want to go. I'm happy to help you here - if you have 
further questions, just ask.

Also you cannot really break things, by just commiting stuff. Some of us 
actually read the svn commit mails, so that we notice unwanted or bad changes 
(or mere typos). And then there is also a difference between svn commit 
rights and upload rights. A lot more people can commit to svn, than upload 
packages to our archive. So thats another safety measure. In short, go ahead 
and break things^w^whave fun :) (And we all started like this...)


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