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Re: DVD Cover

[James Herrington]
> I've never done anything like this before so it would be quite useful to be 
> able to see visualy what it will look like before uploading it.

The way I did this was using a separate test machine, where I had the
login screen running.  I would edit the images and the login screen,
build a new package, copy it to the test machine, install in there and
then restart kdm to see what the login screen look like.  I used both
a virtual qemu machine and a physical machine I had access to at the

> Basically what i want to know is if there is anyway i can 'build'
> the login screen without having to build the entire skolelinux and
> without having to upload it into the svn.

You will need a running instance of Skolelinux, either on a physical
or virtual machine.  For testing with a virtual machine, see
<URL:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/TestCDinstall>.  If you
select a standalone installation, you should get an instance that
would be easy to copy the package into it using scp or wget (from the
inside of the virtual machine, that is).

To build the package, you need a debian machine with all the build
dependencies installed.  Any Debian/Etch machine will do, and use
'apt-get build-dep debian-edu-artwork' to install them.  I also
suggest installing fakeroot, lintian and devscripts, to be able to
build the package as a normal user using 'debuild'.

> This would be really useful because i think this is going to be a
> very experimental process... I've found the kdm documentation but
> there isnt really much in terms of writing the xml file so i'm still
> trying to decypher different parts of it.

Yes, I did not find any documentation, so I had to base my work on

Petter Reinholdtsen

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