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Re: DVD Cover

James Herrington schrieb:
> I've downloaded the code using the read only access. How can i preview any
> changes that i make? I've never done ANY linux development before so can
> you
> please explain it as simply as possible.

Mh... you mean the svn checkout of debian-edu-artwork?
Since you've the read only copy it will be very hard to commit your
changes directly, but what you can do is:

 Make your changes
 Mail the list & we'll include it.
 Upate your copy with: svn up (you'll see your artwork then there, if it
is already included)

You can work with the checkout as if this are normal files. (Or what
else do you mean with preview? If I get you wrong please mail back ;-) )

Greetings & good Morning

> Thanks
> James

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