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Re: DVD Cover

Hello again,

Am Samstag 05 Mai 2007 14:50 schrieb James Herrington:
> > Also very beautiful. Did you use the vector graphics? I used
> > inkscape for my wallpapers.
> No, i'm actually still using windows so i used photoshop for the
> graphics.

Okay, that's your choice for now. I doubt that photoshop (tm) can use 
vector graphics, hence it might get hard to scale bitmaps for hires 
artwork. Please note, that inkscape also exists for Windows. Did you 
ever try out GIMP BTW?
> What was it that you wanted me to look at on this page?

The image assembled from many icons of free software projects.
> Also while i'm here, does anyone know of any good tutorials for
> getting debian to work on microsoft virtual pc 2004 so that i can
> easily test out my login screen?

If it is usable like VMWare or VirtualBox (both are available for 
Windows, too), just download an install image ISO and tell your virtual 
pc to use it as boot device.

> Thanks
> James


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