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Re: [slx-www-int] www.skolelinux.no - Norwegian site in new public beta

nice, thanks, perhaps put below Navigation


I will work on doing that, I have tried adding a block to the right sidebar but no luck. I'll work on getting this on there asap.

are you using a cms?

which one?

Yes, the site is currently running on drupal, and i believe its version 5.x

i would like to see somewhere:


I'm not sure whereabouts i should place this because i dont speak norwegian therefore don't understand any of the articles. If you want that included on a new page you'll probably either have to create a page yourself or talk to the people who are currently writing the content for the site.

Also, i know that the site will be translated to english but will it be translated to other languages such as german etc? If so would it be a good idea to have a central page on skolelinux.org that offers the user the choice of which language they would like to view. They could then be redirected to skolinux.no or skolelinux.co.uk etc. Do you think this is a good idea?



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