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Re: DVD Cover

James Herrington wrote:
Also very beautiful. Did you use the vector graphics? I used inkscape
for my wallpapers.

No, i'm actually still using windows so i used photoshop for the graphics.

As for the DVD cover, reading my name on it makes me smile. However, I
doubt that I deserve the honour to be listed within top 20 developers.

Maybe it's better to state one or two persons who are in charge,
additionally we list all hundred people in tiny letters.

The list on the front was simply what i found on the debian teams pages. I actually rather like the idea of having a little bit more text about the dvd in this area i just need someone to provide me with some suitable text.

Just another idea for artworks I found on a swiss page:

What was it that you wanted me to look at on this page?

Also while i'm here, does anyone know of any good tutorials for getting debian to work on microsoft virtual pc 2004 so that i can easily test out my login screen?

I'v had nothing with troubble using microsoft virtual pc for anything but microsoft things. ofcourse having alternatives it's not something i spent a lot of time on.

you migth want to consider migrating to debian and use qemu, virtualbox. or vmware-server

if your stuck on windows you can try the experimental qemu on windows

also vmware-server on windows is gratis for download.


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