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Suggestions to reduce spams in slschools database

Dear List, 

from time to time we had annoying entries in our school database. 
Cleaning up regularily is already a good thing, but in order to solve 
the problem, there are further steps to take.

On http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Teams/SiteMap I suggested 3 
solutions. Please add your comments there, too.

=== Wiki Quote: ===

From time to time, obscure advertisements are placed in our Database.
Suggested Solutions

 1.    Send mail to commits mailing list whenever a new entry is added.
 2.    Hide URLs of new schools until an admin confirms the validity of 
        the new entry
 3.    Make URLs non-clickable in general.

ad 1: Any suggestions for implementation?

ad 2: Easy to implement by means of the status variable "deleted" that 
is already used to hide away "deleted" entries. Request for comments?

ad 3: Probably the easiest solution - but less comfortable. URLs 
probably need to be parted by spaces to turn off spammers... 

=== End of Quote ===


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