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Re: new tuxtype and tuxmath packages available

Dear Ralf,

On Saturday 22 July 2006 15:25, RalfGesellensetter wrote:
> meanwhile I checked the contents of this package. There are 5 sound
> files:
> click.wav has a recording of a typewriter's key klick. Although a quick
> view into http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ didn't spot a replacement,
> I think we can easily find an alternative.

Yup, completly agree.

> mus1.wav mus2.wav mus3.wav mus4.wav has short sequences of music that
> sounds like a string quartett by JS Bach. The music has been rendered
> from Midi. I can offer some Midi files that I created myself. If the
> composer is "dead enough" (over 70 years I think), we can render it as
> wav. 

Well, if it's music from Bach... - Bach died almost 256 (what a beautiful 
number :) years ago today, so I think his music is clearly free now.

And if you've made a new arrangement of the music and put this under a free 
licence, we would have _very_ similar sounding music for tuxtype, which 
complies with the DFSG. /me cheers!! :-))

> But we should discuss this with the upstream, I think. 

Upstream is basically dead (noone is activly working on the code), as I wrote. 
Or to put it differently, I am upstream (I have svn commit access, I know the 
code a little bit and I'm in touch with some of the previous developers)...

> Kind regards

very happy regards back,

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