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new tuxtype and tuxmath packages available


following the links on http://layer-acht.org/debian/tuxtype/ and 
http://layer-acht.org/debian/tuxmath/ you can download i386 (and source) 
packages for sid and sarge now. (The sid packages should work on etch also.) 

These are both new upstream versions, please test them in your languages and 
report bugs you find. Also new translations (for tuxtype) are very welcome!

Tuxtype is basically unmaintained upstream, if you're interested to help, 
check out the above mentioned URL as well - it also contains instructions how 
to checkout and build the code. 

Yesterday both packages have been uploaded to sid as well, "but" tuxtype needs 
to go through NEW. 

BTW, there is a new non-free package, tuxtype-data-nonfree, which contains the 
background music for the game - maybe you know someone who wants to create 
some free music for it?


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