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Re: new tuxtype and tuxmath packages available

Dear Holger,

Am Donnerstag 20 Juli 2006 18:50 schrieb Holger Levsen:
> BTW, there is a new non-free package, tuxtype-data-nonfree, which
> contains the background music for the game - maybe you know someone
> who wants to create some free music for it?

meanwhile I checked the contents of this package. There are 5 sound 

click.wav has a recording of a typewriter's key klick. Although a quick 
view into http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/ didn't spot a replacement, 
I think we can easily find an alternative.

mus1.wav mus2.wav mus3.wav mus4.wav has short sequences of music that 
sounds like a string quartett by JS Bach. The music has been rendered 
from Midi. I can offer some Midi files that I created myself. If the 
composer is "dead enough" (over 70 years I think), we can render it as 
wav. But we should discuss this with the upstream, I think.

Kind regards

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