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FreeJava + TomCat Server?

Dear List,

back from Greece (hello from Manos, Mike and Hara for those who met them 
at Nafplion), I hope that you are all having a nice summer time!

While getting into PHP and MySql, I wonder if in the long run, some of 
our dynamic web pages could be done with Java Servlets. There might be 
several objections now, including the question of how to install TomCat 
on developer. Some pros might be:

1. Running TomCat with FreeJava could be a proof of concept, advertising 
the FreeJava idea.
2. Security, Performance and Scalability are said to be advantages with 
Servlets. The current situation is anyway not optimal in terms of sec.
3. Java developers can contribute to projects such as our school 
database and the Linuxsignpost.

Thanks for your comments,

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