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Re: Statistics: slschools (graph, maps)

Dear List,

a year has passed, now I can announce....:

Am Sonntag 26 Juni 2005 14:31 schrieb RalfGesellensetter:
> Is there anybody who could imagine to add a world map to
> http://www.skolelinux.no/testskoler/map/ or give some hints? 

There is now skolelinux-world.png displaing a global view. Using 
the -shade option together with a void image for the night, I managed 
to create an image that has a valid time stamp and has no night shade.

Also the quality of all pictures could be increased by means 
of "-blend". Interpolation does a good job here.

> the xplanet version used is quite outdated and parameters changed to
> the sarge versionI have on my local system.

It is true that the current version of xplanet is a totally rewrite. It 
would be wise to rename the debian package to xplanet2 like with 
rosegarden or unrar. Otherwise we'll need a wrapper around the current 
version to translate the options we are currently using in make-map.pl 
for the current version.

At this occasion: Is there any suggestion on how to
- have the make-map.pl run periodically
- notify the commits list when further schools are entered?


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