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Re: Remote control terminals via vnc

> > Hi Trond,
> >
> > interesting approach. I shall follow your lines more thoroughly later.
> > For now I'd like to point you to italc as an excellent tool to
> > supervise thin (and thick) clients.
> Very interesting. I installed the italic-master package on my server.
> How do you install and make use of italc-client on a terminal?

The current italc packages can't handle thin-client connections, because the 
port for the connection is hardcoded amd on the terminalserver you can just 
use the port once.

But just for you here are newer packages (also backported) which you can use, 
but notice that I am not sure if they will go into debian, because it seems 
that there will be some changes about italc in the future, so currently no 
update is planned.

Please use italc carefully :)
Just to say it is NOT a big brother tool ;)

You find the newer packages here:


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