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Re: Remote control terminals via vnc

RalfGesellensetter skrev:
Am Freitag 12 Mai 2006 12:26 schrieb Trond Mæhlum:
We have used LTSP4.1 until now. In that setup we could remote-control
terminals via vnc. We used the setup on ltsp.org's wiki. This is
excellent for aiding students and teachers. It behaves just like the
"shadow" function on Citrix.

Hi Trond,

interesting approach. I shall follow your lines more thoroughly later. For now I'd like to point you to italc as an excellent tool to supervise thin (and thick) clients.

Very interesting. I installed the italic-master package on my server. How do you install and make use of italc-client on a terminal?

Can you give me som pointers on this? Ths could be the answer to mye troubles...



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