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Promotion for FOSS: Flyers (Scribus/Ooo)

Dear List,

as you may know we are collecting international flyers on what is 
skolelinux (>12 languages) in the German Wiki [1]. Here I also found an 
English primer that needs reformatting. I think we can do this with 
Scribus (Free DTP like Quark Xpress) which allows to import OpenOffice 

Looking for apt templates, I found that the Irish Free Software 
Organisation (IFSO) has some nice flyers [2]. On this occasion some of 
you might wish to contribute own work, so please be invited to do so ;)


[1] http://wiki.skolelinux.de/SkoleLinux/Flyer
[2] http://www.ifso.ie/projects/promotion.html

P.S.: You will find further template following

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