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Re: Public Relations Meeting

>From Blast o_O on Monday, 2006-05-08 at 20:28:59 +0000:
> Hi guys.
> There's going to be a Caribean Meeting of Public Relations in my country and
> I'm looking for some bibliography about this topic and the use of the
> informatics tools, if they are related to Linux, it would be better. I think
> that it is a a very good oportunity to promote Free Software among this
> opinion's liders ;) but, I need the way!!!
> There is a general trend to use and develop Free Software in my country, but
> many times they're "reinventing the wheel", if in the meeting, the ones that
> will participate with me could leave in them the idea of for example: "why
> we need to work with experencied guys in this purpose like the ones from
> Debian", I think that a great step could be done ;)
> Thanks for your help and keep in touch ;)

I have written the following explanatory documents for 
the Snofrix project:


You are welcome to translate them into Spanish.  :-)
If you do, send me a copy, and I will post them.

The documents have already been translated into ten different languages,
in part by people like yourself who wanted to explain the main ideas to


Also recently, I have created a new live CD called Bestix to promote ODF
and the translations of OpenOffice.org.  If anybody asks, you can tell
them it is based on Kanotix/Debian.  And if you think it will make a
difference to your project, I can release a new version where Cuba is
added to the boot menu ... just let me know.





In this connection, I have a question.  What keyboard is
most commonly used in Cuba?  


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