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Making PDFs from wiki pages (Was: What did I do, and what happened during the debcamp in Narvik.)

[Alexander Schremmer]
> We concluded that the following ways might be a good solution: a) generate
> DocBook and transform it to a PDF, or b) install the formatter from
> http://moinmoin.wikiwikiweb.de/RobertSeeger/MoinExporter and ReportLab.
> Kurt recommended the first solution because it can be already done today. 

Well, I tested the first approach today, and it did not work.  The
generated docbook document seem to be corrupot.  I used docbook2pdf
from docbook-utils to process the docbook file, and it refused it.

Is the docbook generator broken?

How hard is it to get the formatter installed?

What are the other two solutions?  You mentioned four :)

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