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What did I do, and what happened during the debcamp in Narvik.

Here is a short summary of what I did during the devcamp in Narvik and
a few days later.  I spent most of the time moving services and file
systems from developer.s.n to administrator.s.n, preparing to move
ftp.s.n.  This is mostly done now.  After the gathering I synchronized
some file groups between the machines to make NFS mounting of the ftp
site work as it should.  Moving the svn repository is left, and I am
not quite sure how to do that as long as not everyone is allowed to
log into administrator.s.n.  The LDAP database for skolelinux.no are
now up-to-date, so that stumbling block is removed.  I make a script
to update it from /etc/.  It is now commited to svn.

I also helped the staff in Narvik
test a diskless workstation.  This worked like a charm.  I moved /opt/
into its freshly created LVM volume, ran the svn version of
ltsp-make-client, added the client to the workstation netgroup, and
that was about it.  The staff from Narvik video-recorded the session
and promised to update the wiki page
to make sure it was up-to-date and included the required steps to
repeat the process.

As part of my plans for the ITIL project, I managed to get Knut to sit
down with me to test a tool to generate wiki pages from OOo.  I got a
tip from Alexander Schremmer on IRC to use the OOo macro available
from <URL:http://ooowiki.de/Writer2MoinMoin>, and with the help of
Axel to translate the page from German to English, we were able to
successfully convert one of the ITIL documents to moinmoin.  Next step
before we can move the document to wiki is PDF generation.  According
to Alexander, having this working out of the box require some extra
moinmoin modules to be installed, and these are currently missing on
wiki.skolelinux.de (our test wiki) and wiki.debian.org.

I also spent some time helping Steffen with his work on building etch
CDs, and coordinating the rest of the development team.  Here are some
short notes on what the others were working on.

Morten Werner worked on security advisories, moving services away from
developer and also assisted Frode in updating the wiki / moving pages
away from www.skolelinux.org.  Frode worked on the wiki pages.
Steffen worked on CD build, preparing to move this service away from
developer.s.n.  Axel worked on the spell checking project, improving
the documentation and hopefully making it easier for new contributors,
as well as working on translations.  Knut Yrvin spent most of Saturday
giving a intro to Skolelinux (and how to deploy it) for the visiting
administrators from around Narvik, and the rest of the weekend writing
stuff to the ITIL project.  Lars worked on KDE translations and spent
some time talking to the visiting local admins as research for of his
anthropology project.  Jørgen worked on translations, mostly KDE.

Petter Reinholdtsen

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