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Re: Asking for help profreading this debconf6 article

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 17:22:36 +0200 Knut Yrvin wrote:

> Onsdag 12 april 2006 16:59, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
> > Openoffice.org is indeed an excellent tool for proof reading, but
> > quite bad at collaborative work IMHO.
> And Tex is quite bad handling tables and graphs when using
> spreadsheets getting the data right IMHO.

I am not quite sure that I interpret your comment correctly (what has
TeX got to do with this?), but it seemed to me that you wanted your
peers to help proof read your document, and received the suggestion to
publish the text (and only the text, if other parts of the document is
too uneasy to include as well) as that will improve the ability to
collaboratively proof read.

Let me clarify: It is less interesting (to some, possibly not all) to
help proof read if uncertain if wasting time on some corrections done
already by others. How frequently do you intend to merge and post the
comments you receive? Or do you expect proof readers to spam the list
with each little detail themselves?

Sorry if I have completely misunderstood you somehow.

 - Jonas

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