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Re: Asking for help profreading this debconf6 article

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:27:40 +0200 Knut Yrvin wrote:

> Onsdag 12 april 2006 12:54, skrev RalfGesellensetter:
> > The PDF is 400 kB only, volunteers will find 13 pages of interesting
> > reading (including several tables and diagrams). If this was plain
> > text, a wiki page could simplify shared proof reading.
> I also sent the OpenDocument format that is used in OpenOffice.org
> (OO). OO have an excellent tools for recording changes.

> It's really a good tool for proofreading.

I think perhaps you missed the word _shared_ in the above suggestion,

Openoffice.org is indeed an excellent tool for proof reading, but quite
bad at collaborative work IMHO.


 - Jonas

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