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Re: Asking for help profreading this debconf6 article

Onsdag 12 april 2006 23:51, skrev Jonas Smedegaard:
> How frequently do you intend to merge and post the
> comments you receive? Or do you expect proof readers to spam the list
> with each little detail themselves?

As you probably know, everything is committed to the version control 
system. My link is directly to the article in the version system, and 
the commit-list gives track of changes. After feedback from the 
debconf-team I've transformed the document to LaTeX with Writer2LaTeX. 
I've also included and converted the graphs to postscript. Also  
Jeremy Crandell also proofread around six pages that is merged: 

Then the document is in this svn direcotry: 
Graphs (and a simple script for conversion from png->ps)

From the Web: 
Graphs (and a simple script for conversion from png->ps)

Most of the developers at the Skolelinux/DebianEdu's developer list are 
known to handle merging directly in the version control system. It's 
totally OK for me that changes are done directly into the tex-document. 

Some persons don't like that. And if someone prefer an other solution.  
Then they just send their corrections directly to me, so that I can do 
the merging. It's more important that people writes than how I get the 
corrections :-)


Knut Yrvin

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