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Re: Web-International/Wikis meeting TODAY

On Tuesday 11 April 2006 13:46, Martin Herweg wrote:
> Alexander Schremmer schrieb:
> > I hereby announce that it will take place today at 19:00 UTC,
> > i.e. in roughly 4.5 hours, in the #debian-edu IRC channel.
> who did read this announcement within 4,5 hours ?
> I did not. I do spent a lot of time with email
> but not all of my time.
Yes completely agree, next time we should schedule meetings earlier and 
announce them.

But be happy that the User-Administration-Tool-Meeting will be announced 
earlier :) The voting is still in progress and I will announce it to make 
sure people can add it to their timetable.
So the last meeting was not the meeting you are talking about, just wait for 
the User-Administration-Tool-Meeting :)
You can find information under:


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