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Re: Web-International/Wikis meeting TODAY

Alexander Schremmer schrieb:
> I hereby announce that it will take place today at 19:00 UTC,
> i.e. in roughly 4.5 hours, in the #debian-edu IRC channel.

who did read this announcement within 4,5 hours ?
I did not. I do spent a lot of time with email
but not all of my time.

I missed that chat, but here is my statment anyway:

I like CipUX.
I installed it in 2 big schools because it was the only solution
that fulfills the teacher's (my customers) requirements.

Skolelinux + CipUX can compete with other german Schoolserver

In the one school it is running for more than 12 months now
without problems.
The second installation is only 1 month young but I'm impressed
how CipUX can import and handle 1300 Users in a fast & stable

I would be happy to see CipUX on one of the next Skolelinux 

here are 2 other GPL solutions that you might like to look at,
not to replace CipUX but to get some inspirations:

(the city of munich is using gosa)


I agree with the freche group that CipUX is very good but
we schould make it more attractive with a nicer designed
Frontend / GUI. The functionality of the frontend is already
very good, but the look can be improved.

Martin Herweg

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