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email info in ldap?

I asked this in the Norwegian list, but I have not gotten any feedback. It's easter, I know. Now, I would like to use kmail to look up our global addresslist from ldap. I have noticed that Skolelinux' ldap doesn't have any email info.

I did a slapcat to ldif and found myh own account, I then added mail: my@emailaddress.no, and tried a slapadd on this. the output I got was that the attribute "mail" wasn't allowed. How can I get this field into ldap?

With a little help I could then do a "for user in $(ls); do <ldapmodify-or-something-with mail: $user@emaildomain.no>; done", when located in the /skole/tjener/home0 directory.

I am pretty sure this would work for someone with the a little more knowledge than myself.

We use our Skolelinux to house 2300 teachers and students in nine schoold, and a global address list would be a nice thing.


Trond Maehlum

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