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Re: Diskless workstation issues

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 11:57:11PM +0200, Martin Herweg wrote:
> Nicolas Pettiaux schrieb:
> > which is the default configuration on skolelinux now ?
> the default is still "LTSP" Thin Clients but this is the
> "MueKow" - Version of LTSP which needs more CPU,RAM and more time to boot.
> AFAIK Debian-Edu and Edubuntu People are working on it to make it more thinner 
> & faster than it is now.

The current release in Ubuntu 5.10 does require more RAM and is slower to
boot, but I am not aware of any difference in CPU requirements.

In the development branch of Ubuntu, the memory requirements and boot time
have been significantly improved for the 6.06 release.

 - mdz

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