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Re: Diskless workstation issues

Nicolas Pettiaux schrieb:
> which is the default configuration on skolelinux now ?

the default is still "LTSP" Thin Clients but this is the
"MueKow" - Version of LTSP which needs more CPU,RAM and more time to boot.
AFAIK Debian-Edu and Edubuntu People are working on it to make it more thinner 
& faster than it is now.


for 486 computers with 32 MB
I recommend LTSP Version 4.1 or 3.0 
which is still avalible at www.ltsp.org

> So my questions: how can I configure skolelinux sarge to be
> 1/ _ONLY_ a thin clients server and clients configuration,

cd /opt
mv ltsp ltsp.muekow

then install LTSP 3.0

> 2/ a system where only "light" applications are uses (I use XFCE on
> the terminals)

install XFCE and set it as the default Windowmanager

> 3/ how can I also easily change and have a unique xfcerc for all users
> to easily change it and adapt the menus it contains ? Maybe with some
> links. (before trying I would like to know if someone already has some
> xperience of such a configuration)

We use IceWM. it has global settings in
and individual settings in ~/.icewm

here is an example icewm menu file:

Martin Herweg

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