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Re: Simplifying skolelinux.org as a showcase

Søndag 12 mars 2006 22:54, skrev Morten Werner Olsen:
> The discussion about the skolelinux.org website has in my eyes
> already been finished on this mailinglist

I can understand that you don't discuss the design of the interface, and 
jumps to a organisational debate about who has the resources to update 
the showcase web. 

The reason that e.g I don't write news on www.skolelinux.org, is that 
the current content management system (plone) has a fine grained system 
for entering text. I don't have a password. People that has password, 
e.g Halvor, forgets every time how to enter text and news. It's also 
lacking a system for tidying up or update in older articles. This is 
not user friendly for regular people. 

> So this new skolelinux.org-website you propose, Alex should be paid
> for creating it? 

Skolelinux project don't pays for this. We have been promised a showcase 
web for 12 month now, and I took some phones. Kurt, Thierry and me 
decided to fix this at a project-meeting in Erkelenz. 

> What technology should it be based on? 

eZ publish

> Who shall be  responsible for updating it?

Me, Hallvor, and the people that meets the schools IT-admins, local 
administrations, and decition makers. A wiki is not a showcase, I'm 
sorry to say. The design is promoted by Halvor. I imideally liked it. 
It's much simpler, and has the right angle for us that meets the 
teachers and IT-admins almost daily :-)

> I still think we shall stick to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu as
> our one and only international website. 

The one thing does not exclude the other. I just are following the
plans decided at the project leader meeting in Erkelenz. Please reed
the summary from the proeject leader meeting with the German team and
the French team from Kurt Garmlich 2006-02-17.


> Earlier we have proven with the multiple tries on creating a
> skolelinux.org-website 

Well. I haven't tried this yet, and believe it's my turn now, with
necessary help from Alex, Halvor and others who are interesed ...

> that we don't have manpower to maintain this .. 

We have the manpower to update it with news part, and we really need a
showcase web. The design will be nice, smooth and user friendly. 

> and I don't think the"Free software in schools"-organisation in
> Norway have any money left spending on creating nor maintaining a
> website

Why do you imply this will cost FRISK any money. I just following up on 
what people has agreed on 12 months ago. I'm satisfied that people will 
contribute :-)

It would be nice if sombody gave me some feedback on the design :-)


Knut Yrvin

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