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Re: backport for ooo2

Søndag 27. november 2005 12:58, skrev Steffen Joeris:
> P.S. The question was if we want to include them in the next release
> and now I think we don't want to do this or am i wrong?

This question got out of focus when discussing who had built
OpenOffice.org2. One of them is why there is no help-text when
installing the Norwegian translation? The other was the quality of the
word-list in the spell-checker.

Since the help-text is not fully translated to Norwegian, we uses the
English version packed with the Norwegian version of OpenOffice.org1X
and 2X. There are some initial work done by taking the Danish
OpenOffice help text, and auto-translate it to Norwegian. But even if
Danish and Norwegian are pretty similar when writing, it's a lot of
quality work to get it acceptable.

Rene correctly pointed out that when they did not include the package, 
but it's not any help files as I can see in this copy of the main 
backport repository: 


> Because help AFAIK isn't completely translated? Correct me if 
> I am wrong.

The one decision is to take in the help files. I wrote for yes. Get it 
in from the Norwegian translators. We are now arguing if we should put 
in the Danish translations, and go for that. But even if we don't, 
users want to have the English one. 

The other one is that I did not get English help files either. I could 
be wrong? 

- k 

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