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Next skolelinux developer gathering, Nov/Dec '05

Dear developers and translators.

The dark and gloomy season is upon us. This is a perfect excuse for teaming
up, once again, for a skolelinux developer gathering!

This time we decided that we would like to focus on a relatively small and
efficient gathering, both in financial terms and when it comes to protecting
the working hours of our hard-working developers. To achieve this we would
like to, in general, to prioritize financial support for developers and

Further to this, to control the costs associated with the developer
gathering, we now require all participants who want reimbursements to send an
application to styret@friprogramvareiskolen.no *prior* to the gathering. No
approval from the board means no money back to you, so make sure this is in
order. We have a zero tolerance policy here :-).

Unfortunately, we are at this time unable to give travel reimbursements for
people from abroad, but the accomodation and the food during the gathering
will be covered, as for everybody else.

The following dates have been suggested for now: 25-27 Nov, 2-4 Dec or
possibly (but this might be too close to Christmas for some of you?) 9-11
Dec. What seems like the best solution for you? Please give us your opinion.

When it comes to location, it looks like somewhere in Oslo is the best
solution (best location for keeping the gathering as "low budget" as
possible), where Forskningsparken has been mentioned as one good alternative.

We need one or two local people to assist us in organizing the arrangement.
If you think you can help, please contact us *as soon as possible*. Most of
an arrangement committee should think of is detailed in <url:

Updated information and signup form is already available in
It will be continously updated when more information is ticking in.

Please give us an indication of when you would be able to attend so we can
fix the dates as quickly as possible. Thanks in advance.

Jakob Breivik Grimstveit, <http://www.grimstveit.no/jakob/>, 48298152

There's a long-standing bug relating to the x86 architecture that allows you
to install Windows.  -- Matthew D. Fuller

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