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Re: Compiling a Skolelinux CD

Patrice Neff wrote:
> Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
>> Did you first run "./buildcd --prepare" ?
> No, I didn't. I tried that now (also with a clean apt/ and d-i/ 
> directory) but it didn't help.

Try with an empty QUIET in apt/buildcd.conf

you could also try running the script using
 bash -x buildcd 2>&1 | tee buildcd.log
and put buildcd.log availible on the net somewhere.

> One other thing I had to do was changing the sources.list to include 
> contrib and non-free. With these not included some packages were not 
> available.

We dont use neither contrib nor nonfree packages in debian-edu

> The script line where it fails is this one:
>   apt-get --assume-yes $QUIET --download-only \
>     $(for OPT in $APTOPTIONS ; do echo -n "-o $OPT " ; done) \
>     install $(grep -v "^#" apt/bootstrap.pkg)

Whats in apt/bootstrap.pkg ?
The contents of it is normally created by using
 /usr/bin/debootstrap --print-debs sarge > apt/bootstrap.pkg

Maybe you dont have debootstrap on your system

> I tried changing that into:
>   grep -v "^#" apt/bootstrap.pkg | while read pkg
>   do
>         echo "  => $pkg"
>         apt-get --assume-yes $QUIET --download-only \
>                 $(for OPT in $APTOPTIONS ; do echo -n "-o $OPT " ;  done) \
>                 install $pkg
>   done
> to install all the packages one for one. No error was raised after  this
> change. Though I have not yet tested the resulting ISO image.
> Do you have an idea what could cause the error? The fix is not really  a
> good idea because it takes much longer to process the installations.

Not without a debug log

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
Debian-edu developer and Solution Provider

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