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Re: Misc issues/problems with installation of latest debian-edu sarge cd

On Παρασκευή 18 Νοέμβριος 2005 23:57, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:
> > I'll go straight to the point:
> >
> > 1. .X11-unix and .ICE-unix take too long to initialize at boot
> > time, I don't know why, there doesn't seem to be much disk
> > activity any ideas?
> Does this happen every time you log in, or only the first time for
> every user ?

Only on boot.

> > 4. Screen resolution for the LTSP clients. I couldn't find any
> > info on that in any configuration file I searched. I tried adding
> > the following line to /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf but it didn't
> > work: X_MODE_0        = 1024x768
> I've looked in /opt/ltsp/i386/etc/init.d/ltsp-client-setup, and it
> seems like X_MODE_0 is missing. I guess it would be easy to patch
> it in, but even easier would be to create a separate XF86Config-4
> file for the client(s).
> It will also speed up the boot process a bit :)

But for now there is nothing yet. Ok, Iäll take a look and will 
present a patch soon.
> > 5. frequent NFS stalls. This is probably the most serious
> > problem. On the same 100Mbps network of 12 lowend LTSP clients on
> > a switch and a beefy server, previous installation of Skolelinux
> > (old generation of LTSP packages) was quite fast in booting and
> > loading applications. Now, I get quite frequent messages:
> > NFS server does not respond, still trying (or
> > similar, I am not in the lab right now).
> Could it be a locking issue ?
> Check if the client is using locking on the server ..

IIRC, there is no lock.

> I just checked on one of my lessdisks clients, this is options used
> for the rootfs:
>  ro,v3,rsize=32768,wsize=32768,hard,udp,nolock,addr=
> (reported by issuing mount on the booted client)

I think size of 32768 might be too much for my network, iirc, your 
clients are fast systems connected to a 1Gb backbone :-)

> The root fs for the clients are mounted from the initrd
> From the conf-file, it looks like it's using these options
>  ro,async,nolock

which conf file is that?

> > 7. Translation for ldm. It doesn't appear to be translatable, at
> > least I couldn't find a .pot file for it. Is it planned to be
> > translated?
> I dont know of any plans, but I can confirm that it's not
> translated to norwegian neither :(


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