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Re: Howto, Integration of other Linux-machines into Skolelinux network.

RalfGesellensetter schrieb:

Why do you want kubuntu? What advantages are there against other Debian workstations such as debian-edu sarge pr05?


Frank answered:
Hi Ralf!

I'm testing (K)Ubuntu just for hardwaresupport on my Gericom-/SuSE 8.0-Notebook: Sound is only implemented as patch for kernel 2.4.?-386 (!), but it's a celeron :-(

So now i may see, what modules are to be loaded and get 'my' skole to support it too ;-)

Now short why I am testing ubuntu:

I am testing ubuntu too because of my ubuntu-standalone-tests in summer.

It very nice to work with it . There are some features like automaticaly usb-camera support with assistent.

I think that the newest ubuntu has openoffice 2.0 inside and there are some other nice configurations.

In Dezember i want to change my clients in school (software) and i am thinking about to use ubuntu.

What about the strategie of working together with ubuntu ??

Some time ago i thing that there was a short discussion about it.
Can someone tell me something about the results ??

Debian-Edu-Sarge pr05 looks very good on my private server but the clients needs a lot of changes ..............

My plans for the next 2 month are : upgrading tjener to sarge and upgrading LTSP to sarge and at the moment i have not really the time and the knowhow to make the sarge-client better......
These are my advantages for ubuntu (at the moment)

Bernd Grah

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