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Re: Howto, Integration of other Linux-machines into Skolelinux network.

Klaus Ade Johnstad schrieb:
> søndag 13. november 2005, 21:55, skrev Klaus Ade Johnstad:
>>If the process of mounting takes very loooong, several minutes, and
>>you simultaneously see this messages in syslog on the Ubuntu machine:
>>nfs warning: mount version older than kernel
>>server localhost not responding, timed out
>>nsm_mon_unmon: rpc failed, status=-5
>>lockd: cannot monitor
>>lockd: failed to monitor
>>Then you might want to add the option nolock to ldap on your server,
>>this does that on the Skolelinux/debian-edu server: ( \ means one
>>long line)
>>ldapsearch -LLLx objectClass=automount automountInformation \
>>| sed -e "s:intr tjener:intr,nolock tjener:g" | ldapmodify -xWZD  \
> Small correction:
> Turns out that it is a good idea(TM) to also include the package 
> nfs-common
> apt-get install nfs-common
> then you don't need to add the nolock option to ldap, as that has the 
> effect of removving the looong delay of mounting the home-dirs.
> Klaus
Monday i tried to install Ubuntu 5.10, following your
instructions, _without_ the nolock options (simply forgot them).
I can login as ldap-user, firefox is knowing my bookmarks,
everything seems to work fine, except: i'm used to kde now, so i
will try kubuntu some of the next days ;-)


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