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Re: Howto, Integration of other Linux-machines into Skolelinux network.

Klaus Ade Johnstad schrieb:
onsdag 16. november 2005, 09:04, skrev Frank Weißer:

Monday i tried to install Ubuntu 5.10, following your
instructions, _without_ the nolock options (simply forgot them).
I can login as ldap-user, firefox is knowing my bookmarks,
everything seems to work fine, except: i'm used to kde now, so i
will try kubuntu some of the next days ;-)


Maybe you already had nfs-common installed in Ubuntu?

Could you check if you already have that?
dpkg -l|grep nfs-common

frank@wanderratte0:~$ dpkg -l|grep nfs-common
ii nfs-common 1.0.7-3ubuntu1 NFS support files common to client and serve


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