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Re: no more "one CD fits all" ...and then?

> > one that i had mentioned in IRC would be to put the installer,
> > language-specific packages and core packages on one CD, with everything
> > else on the second CD.
> "Language-specific packages" means above all kde-i18n-*.
> To include kde-i18n-* without the applications strikes me as backwards.
> Hence I would suggest the reverse procedure.  Put the applications
> on the first CD and the language specific packages on the second.

well, the issue being that debian-installer takes up a considerable
amount of space on the CD(maybe 70-100MB).  the install process may require
access to localization packages, but not necessarily anything else
beyond the core system.  so with an installer+localization CD and a
second applications CD, frees up considerable space for additional
applications and localizations, and makes it simple to determine what
goes on which CD...

this way, the install process would be one CD, and additional package
installation would be the second- rather than the possibility of needing
to switch CDs at some arbitrary point during additional package

it was just another idea on how to divide the packages, but maybe it
wouldn't actually pan out (i.e.  when do localization packages get

live well,

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