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Re: Skolelinux participation at the Edubuntu Summit

About distros in Catalonia.

- The Department of Education of the autonomous government of Catalonia
is preparing a public tender for the services of development of AND
support for a educational GNU/Linux distro to be installed
progressivelly on the (thousends of) shools in Catalonia in the
following years.

- It makes sense to customize your distro when you are going to offer
full support to a specific collection of applications, desktops,
kernels, versions. Then the schools may install whatever they want but
the Department of Education needs to distinguish between what they
support and what they don't support. They worry about the support
services as much as (or more than) about the distro itself.

- Skolelinux or any Debian based distribution may win the tender if a
winning proposal is using this basis to develop the customized distro
(including branding etc) the client wants.

- We are working since last year (when the tender was announced) to team
with other companies in order to push a proposal based on Ubuntu
(actually Edubuntu, now that this project has been released). The fact
that Debian-edu/Skolelinux is open to colaborate with Edubuntu (and
viceversa) as well as K12LTSP and other edu-related free software
project is very good news in order to present a Debian-based proposal
able to compete with Novell etc.

So you see, things are not a simplistic or stereotypical as they seem to

This also refers to the weather in Spain, where sun & beach & 40 degrees
Celsius is just one of the many combinations you may choose:



En/na Andreas Tille ha escrit:

> The two visits in Spain last year made me think about moving to Spain as
> a reasonable option. To convince me fully we would have to move it some
> 1000 km North to get a milder (not so hot) climate for my taste. ;-))
> Kind regards
>       Andreas.

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