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Re: Skolelinux participation at the Edubuntu Summit

On Thu, 7 Jul 2005, Markus Gamenius wrote:

They have told me that you (the region) are nothing if you do not have your own Linux-distro.
Ups.  I'll consider a Wernilux distro (the city I'm living in is called
Wernigerode) because my city would be nothing without ist own Linux-distro.
Strange logic ...

They are planing (not descided yet) to make one their selves.
I'm more and more convinced that people can not stop buildin g their own
Linux distro just because they lack the knowledge how to customize or
enhance the source from where they derive.  This is an absolute waste
of time for the people who are building the distro.  The disadvantage
we as a oftenly used distro for derivatives have is not very big - we
just will miss some reasonable patches which might lead to greater
flexibility but in the end we could have much more easily to maintain
Linux installations in the world if people would finally understand how
to cooperate.

To understand how to cooperate we dramatically need some good documentation
HOW to do this and we probably need this documentation translated into
the languages of potential derivers.  When I faced this problem I started
I'd open the SVN immediately for a Spanish translation and accept patches
how to make this easier to understand.

They say that they are going to use Skolelinux for this. I'm not sure if this means a translated Skolelinux/Debian-Edu or a new distro based on Skolelinux.
Please try to convince them that an enhanced translation might be the best
for all sides.

After talking to a lot of people down here I have to admit that they are wery lucky with local athorities who understand the need to use free software.
This is in fact a very good base to work on.

If Spain continues in this direction they are wery soon going to be the number one Linux nation in the EU
The two visits in Spain last year made me think about moving to Spain as
a reasonable option. To convince me fully we would have to move it some
1000 km North to get a milder (not so hot) climate for my taste. ;-))

Kind regards



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