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Re: Skolelinux participation at the Edubuntu Summit

On Fri, 8 Jul 2005, Quim Gil wrote:

They worry about the support
services as much as (or more than) about the distro itself.
That's a very reasonable approach and explains things much better
than the initial mail.

project is very good news in order to present a Debian-based proposal
able to compete with Novell etc.
I lost inside my own institute against Novell.  I was the only person
who ever installed any Linux but my colleagues just knowed Novell
Netware and assumed they had o choose SuSE now...
No problem as long I'm root on my boxes. ;-)

This also refers to the weather in Spain, where sun & beach & 40 degrees
Celsius is just one of the many combinations you may choose:
Ahhh, yes.  I know that there is something else than beach and while
I love swimming I never go to any place *because* of swimming.  So
I'm only concerned about the average temperatures which are only in
the mountains fine for my well beeing.   But thanks for the hint
anyway. ;-))

Kind regards



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