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Re: Kde-edu, GCompris, Gimp

On Sun, 03 Jul 2005, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:

> >I think an extra cd would solve this; then we would have more 
> >applications + they would have been selected and sorted out from the 
> >enormous amount of applications avaivable from debian.
> But it will also add an additional step for the installation.

Not necessarily to the installation.  It could be called Skolelinux-extras
and could be ignored during installation.

Then it should be very visibly documented as an add-on for people who need
extra (listed) applications but without the bandwidth to use apt-get.  They
then get the second cd from a provider/friend/etc, type apt-cdrom and pop
it in to get access to those extra apps.  Alternatively Synaptic has an
"add cd" dialogue which does the same thing.

This wouldn't be much different to the current situation of having to use
apt to get extra packages and debian's many cd setup does this.  It is more
work to maintain it though.


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