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School conference in Spain

I have been invited to hold a talk about Skolelinux at the JPL-conference in Spain. You will find their homepage at http://jornadespl.upc.es/.

My talk will be the inaugural talk of the conference, and I do have one hour to my disposal.

We (Frode Stiansen and I) have been asked to hold an demostration off Skolelinux at 15.30 the 6. of July. We are going to do this in a separat room.

I'm going to talk about how it all started, where we are to day, what will be the challenges in the future.

Is it anyone out there who have some english presentations on their PC's? It would shurly speed me up when I'm writing mine.

Is it anyone who know how many schhols we do have in Germany and other contries?

Best regards Markus

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