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Re: School conference in Spain

* Markus Gamenius <markus@gamenius.net> [050703 07:40]:

> I have been invited to hold a talk about Skolelinux at the 
> JPL-conference in Spain. You will find their homepage at 
> http://jornadespl.upc.es/.
> My talk will be the inaugural talk of the conference, and I do have one 
> hour to my disposal.
> We (Frode Stiansen and I) have been asked to hold an demostration off 
> Skolelinux at 15.30 the 6. of July. We are going to do this in a separat 
> room.
> I'm going to talk about how it all started, where we are to day, what 
> will be the challenges in the future.
> Is it anyone out there who have some english presentations on their 
> PC's? It would shurly speed me up when I'm writing mine.
have a look at our wiki:


in english are Petters talk from Malaga, my talks from Athen and Patras, 
Monikas talk from Bordeaux

if you need the text from my talk


> Is it anyone who know how many schhols we do have in Germany and other 
> contries?

Germany about 30 - 50
Swizzerland  < 10
France < 10
Austria < 10

> Best regards Markus

good luck!

Viele Gruesse/Regards
kurt@skolelinux.de GnuPG Key ID E263 FCD4

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