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Re: Kde-edu, GCompris, Gimp

Thor Hauknes wrote:

* Vidar Bakke

The only possible way to get the apps on the CD is
to replace some big existing packages. Replacement
candidates are:

* Knut Yrvin

With replace the LTSP that is based on RedHat today, and use the new
implementation, it could be possible to get 70 MB more space on the

**** My comments:

Why not consider the use of an extra cd, with the applications that are "missing" from the main cd?

When my school upgraded from Woody to Sarge, I suddenly found out that several applications were missing from the menu. I think most of it are educational/games, but I've had complaints from users not finding applications they liked in woody, in the new installation. The problem is; they can't even tell me the name of the application, so apt-get isn't of much use.
Then please take a look at http://d.skolelinux.no/info/sargebuilding

There you will find a list of packages that are not on the CD, but that were installed by the different profiles on venus.

I think an extra cd would solve this; then we would have more applications + they would have been selected and sorted out from the enormous amount of applications avaivable from debian.

But it will also add an additional step for the installation.

Open Office versus Koffice
In my school we only use Open Office.
As you said; pupils grow older. I feel that it is better with one office suite; not all pupils work that much with pc's, and changing office suite after three years could actually confuse more than it helps.
We should not teach them how to use OOo, we should teach them how to use an spreadsheet, a Text processing tool (or what you call it), and the likes. Then the switch between OOo, KOffice, Lotus Smartsuite, WordPerfect Suite, Gnome Office, MSOffice, and what the rest is called, should be no problem.

but yes, it's possible to teach them using an Office Suite using both koffice and OOo.

// faj

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